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April 2, 2017
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May 4, 2017

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The growing popularity of the craft beer culture brings with it the truest form of human conduct. The ingestion of higher ABV beers is beginning to build a reputation that is similar, in some ways, to the historically more “cultured” wine. The more we consume, the more we find ourselves in this egoistic balance between the modern person and its counterpart: the more audacious, deviant person that is suppressed within all of us. I am always in search of that sweet spot in between, where the more urbane version of myself is willing to rear his head, exposing true confidence and charm. I don’t believe you need alcohol to achieve this. Not at all. However, I’m willing to use this excuse to drink exquisite brew.

A couple of weeks ago I had this very opportunity when I was invited by the fine people from River & Trail to go on their Fermented Fun brewery tour at the most gonzo of breweries in one of my favorite locations in Maryland. Really it was three different breweries, but the edgy art of Ralph Steadman makes for an exciting trip to Flying Dog. Plus, for anyone that’s on the inside, there is a secret password you can use at Flying Dog in order to be awarded beer. And I wasn’t about to turn down free beer and a safe ride from a sober bus driver. We’d also be visiting Barley and Hops Grill & Microbrewery and Mad Science Brewing. Mad Science sits on a beautiful farm and Barley and Hops had a “Two Grapefruits One Cup” that I HAD to try, twice, for the name alone.

On this same day I met a gentleman who had a tattoo that read “Gonzo” on his arm. The universe is always tossing signs at me, playing with me. We’re tight. If you missed the last post about signs you can find it here: Mystery Train. And you should search for signs every day because they are everywhere. But this blog isn’t just about signs. An element of this blog is progress. It’s about moving forward. I want to detail the account of my journey. The climb. Which is really the only part that matters. I want to motivate and inspire. I want to help you realize that we are all the same, even as uniquely beautiful as we are. We all go through different forms of growth. Drawing strength in times that we don’t believe we can conquer.  Overcoming and finding solutions when we don’t see a way out. I’ve met people from all different parts of the globe that remind me to keep an open heart and mind because with this lens mankind beams this shimmering light of pure energy. It’s a choice. It’s an excuse. Craft beer or no craft beer. This is truly where the convivial nature of people is accessible, only when we are exuding it ourselves.

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