HAKUNA MATATA : Move Out Of Your Comfort Zone

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“Abundance is a state of mind within you. If you just look at ‘lack,’ the lack increases in life. See what you have, and then abundance increases” – Ravi Shankar

It’s my final day in Kenya. I’m sipping on my hot Gibson coffee, listening to Frédéric Chopin, avoiding packing until the last minute, and reflecting on the past 2 months. Like most of my trips abroad, I always seem to take back something of value. The most important lesson is one I experience every time I return from travel.

I don’t like complaining. But there are traps everywhere. News, social media, coworkers, friends, family, and even Uber drivers all put a lot of pressure on looking at our “issues.” Don’t. We have become so accustomed to our lives that we begin to take our small victories and luxuries for granted. Complaining about your data plan, your Wi-Fi, or electric bill? Try having the spottiest and slowest wifi you’ve ever experienced or having your power go out on a nearly daily basis. So maybe your faucet water doesn’t taste like spring water, well at least you can drink it without having to worry about getting cholera. Hell, at least you have running water. Yes, police reform is needed in the U.S. but when do you have to worry about being thrown in jail for not bribing a police officer?

Appreciate. Be fucking grateful for the wonderful things in your life. I look forward to being able to walk around freely at all times of the day and night without looking over my shoulder. Think about having to deal with security gates and guards just to come and go from your home! I can’t wait to take an actual full blown, hot shower. I am grateful that I can always find work at home. Good plastic wrap? A luxury! Trust me. We blindly expect convenience and service because time is our most valuable asset at home, and we don’t even notice. We’ve become numb to it all. Only when we step out of our comfort zone do we see the endless opportunities around us and how good we really have it. Complaining makes you weak. Stop it. If you’re going to be taking score, make it a list of your luxuries, accomplishments, and strengths. From here we can grow. So like everyone says here, “Hakuna Matata!” Because the good in our lives heavily outweigh our perceived problems.

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